You gave your life to become the person you are right now. Was it worth it? ...Richard Bach

About Jim

Jim Starke walked this path from the time he was old enough to ask, “Why?” Quietly questioning everything, he remains on what he fondly calls “the lunatic fringe.”

Further explaining this, he feels like oft-times he walks between two worlds, just as he has so often in life linked up with those of different generations, but never feeling he belonged in either.

Jim StarkeLife has been good for Jim, but it is not in anything he has gotten or been given that he has ever, well almost never, measured his success, but in what he gives of himself freely. Whenever he holds back from giving freely or wholly in expectation, he feels the constriction of not being authentic. This can lead to being “taken advantage of” from time to time, but he feels there must have been a purpose to fulfill in the one who reached out that someone was a mirror to his own soul.

He has always felt abundant and prosperous, even in those times when his pockets were empty. There is always more. That is the way of the universe.

Welcome to this place. You are always welcome here.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~Rumi

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